There are two types of Work Experience programs:


Work Based:

  • General Work Experience Education (OCED 091): The Purpose of this program is supervised employment of students with the intent of assisting them to acquire desirable work habits and career awareness.  The job held by the student need not be related to his/her occupational goal or college program.

  • Occupational Work Experience Education (OCED 090):The purpose of this program is the extension of occupational learning opportunities and career awareness through work, paid or voluntary, in the occupation for which the student's college program or major is designed.


Non Work Based:


  • Occupational Soft Skills (OCED 070): This course is designed to assist students in the basic skills required to be successful in the workforce. This is not a Work Experience course and does not require a job or volunteer position.

  • Occupational Portfolio Development (OCED 071): This course is designed to assist students to achieve their professional goals in workforce development. This is not a Work Experience course and does not require a job or volunteer position however it is building an actual portfolio so it is important to have access to employment and educational examples. 




Occupational Programs include:




Account Clerk (see Accounting major)

Administrative Assistant















Automotive Body & Repair

Automotive Technology

Automotive Technician

Biotechnology Production Technician















Business- General (Transfer)

Business- Insurance Property & Casualty



  Certified Nursing Assistant

(see Nursing major)

Computer Applications Specialist

(see Computer & Information Science major)

Computer and Information Science









Criminal Justice, Corrections

Criminal Justice, Forensics

Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement


 Database Specialist

(see Computer & Information Science major)


Survey Technician/ Civil Drafting Technician















Drafting Technology 

(see Drafting major)


Early Childhood Education








Emergency Medical Technician I

(see Nursing major)

Film and Television

Fire Technology







Fitness Professional

(see Physical Education/Athletics major in Kinesiology)

Graphic Design & Illustration




 Hazardous Substance & Waste Handling Technician

Human Services









Interior Design

 Insurance Specialist

(see Business-Insurance Property & Casualty major)




 Landscape Worker

(see Horticulture major)

Liberal Arts- Teaching




 Maintenance Technician











Medical Office and Coding Specialist

Medical Front Office Clerk

(see Office Technology major)


Nursing, Registered








Office Technology

 Professional Photography



Real Estate

Retail Management


Small Business Management

Sports Medicine/Fitness Science









  Water & Waste Management

Web Developer

(see Computer & Information Science major)

Web Programmer

(see Computer & Information Science major)

Welding Equipment Operator

(see Welding major)

Welding, Industrial Technician








Welding Technician

Wildland  Fire Technology

(see Fire Technology major)