20 Ways That Work Experience Benefits You, the Student!

During and after your participation in the Work Experience program you can…

  1. Gain valuable work skills before graduation.
  2. Reinforce the connection between concepts learned in the classroom and work.
  3. Provide increased value to your employer.
  4. Build an e-x-p-a-n-d-e-d resume!
  5. Participate in networking opportunities.
  6. Document your work experience on college transcripts.
  7. Be awarded college credit for hours you already spend at work.
  8. Apply work experience units to occupational degree and certificate programs.
  9. Units may transfer to the CSU system (Please verify with a counselor).
  10. Receive individual career guidance from weekly seminars.
  11. Earn job advancement/pay increase opportunities.
  12. Improve employee/employer relationships.
  13. Test career choices.
  14. Inform your employer of your career goals, educational progress, and desire for advancement.
  15. Provide an opportunity for career decision making in a profession.
  16. Improve work performance that leads to a job, raises, or promotions.
  17. Increase communication between you and your work supervisor.
  18. Earn units toward a degree or certificate (check with counselor for your major)
  19. Stimulate your individual motivation in your work setting.
  20. Broaden your skills with your employer.